Friday, October 8, 2010

Akbar Muhammad's message in Accra

Akbar Muhammed is the representative of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. He is the chosen successor that will put on the jacket of authority when Farrakhan dies as the leader of the Nation of Islam, a black/Muslim movement that emerged as a response to a specific racially-charged climate in the United States. Historically, Farrakhan succeeded the Nation of Islam’s first leader Elijah Muhammad; this makes Akbar the third leader in-waiting.

Being on a working visit to Ghana, Akbar Muhammad, the man who appears soft spoken but very critical and analytic with his opinions on issues requested for an opportunity to speak at the Freedom Centre which is run by the Socialist Forum of Ghana (SFG). The Freedom centre is the kind of place that provides a platform for youth from diverse persuasions to engage and learn through political discussions to raise their social and class consciousness.

On this occasion, Akbar had the opportunity to be the main guest speaker at the weekly Wednesday Palaver discussion organized Centre, a forum that discusses both local and international issues.

This was his first time at the Freedom Centre, and Akbar delivered as expected. His opinions and analysis on geopolitics, China and Barrack Obama, under his main theme of consciousness was cutting edge. For one hour, he held the youthful audience, which included Ghana’s youngest minister, deputy minister of information, Samuel Okudzeto-Ablakwa; and the deputy Cuban ambassador to Ghana,Milena Zaldivar Piedra; glued to his riveting speech.

“Your consciousness must be tied and shared to the young generation. Whatever I know, whatever I’ve learned I’m going to share with the youth before God takes me away” he said.

In this short video clip, Akbar Muhammad laments the leadership crisis in Africa, heavily exposing African leaders who act as agents for the West. He also spoke about how he was inspired by Malcolm X, who was dispelled from the Nation Of Islam. The Middle East was not left out, according to Akbar foresees a struggle by Israel for the water resource in Sudan in the next 50yrs from now.

Do have you participated in any event of the Nation of Islam? What are your thoughts on their beliefs? Please share with us.

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