Friday, February 13, 2009

OPINION: An all-inclusive government

The new administration should not focus on it. It’s a marriage of incompatibility-the Zimbabwe model of power-sharing is even not likely to succeed.

There’s a mounting pressure on the current administration to fulfil its campaign promise of an-all inclusive government. This is one type of a political administration that will accommodate people from the other side of the political divide, or better still bring its political opponents on board within a spectrum of fields to run government machinery.

The supposed move can be described as political naivety. It sounds politically correct to call for an all-inclusive government, for the reason that the administration that extends its hand will not be seen as been vindictive or repulsive of qualified technocrats who are known to be associated or worked with other political entities.

In Zimbabwe, it has taken Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara a whole year to settle and fully agree on a power-sharing deal. They’ve been back and forth reaching a stalemate on countless occasions. What more can happen when government machinery is set in place with its full compliments? One can only envisage the counter struggles to be waged by the different forces now sharing the same wardrobe as they accommodate each other in the same bedroom.

Not even the “Elders” led by Kofi Annan, were able to make an impact. They were embarrassingly refused visas to enter the country.

The current regime seems to be on track to satisfy this demand in its bid to appease the advocates. The question about whether whoever is coming on board shares in the same political ideology or not, is not been asked. During the last election campaign Dr. Paa Kwesi Ndoum was the loudest on this matter. He has expressed support in principle for this idea because of his involvement in the pro right-winged past regime. Clearly, that did not positively affect his image and his leftist-oriented party. There has even been a back-clash between him and his own comrade who also served in the previous administration.

The supposed precedent for an all-inclusive government exposes the fact politicians would always want to satisfy their individual interests whether it’s (their interests) diametrically opposed to that of political party in power or not.

The focus on forming an all-inclusive is not strategic enough. For the reason that, those to be recruited were rejected at the polls.

What is at stake to be delivered to the masses cannot be given away on a silver platter on this inclusiveness premise of setting the cat among the pigeons. The administration is only courting future troubles. It’s biting more than it can chew.