Friday, September 24, 2010

A 'Beesy' Home-How to avoid stings

bees are key to stable ecosystems
if they die, then plant biodiversity is threatened indigenous plant biodiversity is threatened, then we're looking at soil erosion, etc- Arriana Marie Coleman Conerly

For the past 15years in my house, we have been getting consistent visits from bees. Occasionally they come and go after staying for a couple days, weeks and when we are lucky, they stick around for just a couple of hours. We always try to get rid of them often using mosquito sprays or any of the insecticides on the market. At one time they became too many that we had to call some folks to come and spray them off with fire. In the end they left us with gallons of pure honey our little friends had produced. That saved us for sometime, apparently, the spraying wasn't the panacea to stop them from coming back.

how did they get here?
No one knows where they come from, but my house at Bubiashie is very green with lots of trees and followers. One can count about 8 coconut trees, 2 mango trees, a pear tree, an orange tree, 2 blackberry fruit trees, an indian almond tree, two palm trees and a couple flower beds and pots with plants who's names i don't know. I won't forget to also mention that we have a stretch of green grass at the entrance and at the backyard. My own analyses is that they are attracted by the sweet scent emanating from all these plants in my Bubiashie-Ville home. In times that i have known they would be around in a large swam, the sign is the one or two or four of them who come to hover around. Interestingly no one has ever seen the full swam on their landing mission. Their presence is only realised in the morning at wakeup time.

where do they hangout?
these bees do not settle on any of the flowers or plants. As you can see in the picture above, the ceiling and roof have become their permanent place of stay. They are very visible in the open right at on roof of the front porch to the lower house. One cannot miss their buzzing sound, that is the first thing that will draw your attention, if you accidentally walk right under them.

so how do we avoid stings?
Since the bees are becoming regular tenants in my house, i decided to find some tips on how the entire household can avoid being stung. There have been times when they would just go beserk and chase after us. I have had my attack before and usually my little nieces and nephews are the victims. But now i'm coming up with a business idea of rearing them in the house to get regular honey supply which we can sell for a small profit. Will order for a hive from the experts and who i'm sure can direct them to where is safer or house them well for our safety. That is isn't a bad idea, is it? Now let me share some tips in case you have a similar problem;

1. its always advised that you wear light coloured clothing, since bright colours attract and excite bees and wasps of all kinds. Long sleeves must be considered.

2. now you always have to make sure that you do not use loud tools to distract them e.g chainsaw machines, lawn mowers etc

3. if you would be walking around in the yard, you have to also avoid wearing sweet and strong scented perfumes, deodorants, hair sprays etc. bees are easily attracted.

4. it is important to also stay away from the colony or hive, especially if children are in house they must be strongly advised not to play near it.

5. now when you are also eating outside, make sure that all food and drinks is always covered. fruit and soft drinks especially.

6. seal your garbage properly.

7. never swat at bees, they will be upset and will give you a chase.

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