Thursday, October 30, 2008

Repatriation is a must !

An African undergraduate student from Chad studying at the HELP University College in Malaysia Abdel Aziz Hassan Abdraman, 22,was brutally murdered just because of his color by local youths of the country has been reported in some other media. The incident started when three Chadian students, walking towards the Wangsa Maju LRT station, were confronted by the locals who abused and assaulted them with weapons. The three sought refuge at the LRT station and called friends living nearby for help.

Seven of the friends, also Chadian students, arrived to confront the group but were chased and assaulted with knives, sticks and metal rods.

During the tussle, Aziz was stabbed by the gang and he died on the way to hospital.
i've just cross checked this issue from Malaysia and the latest development is that some suspects have been arrested and the police believe that this murder case will soon be solved.this story is a sad one indeed, and i cannot fathom why Africans are treated so badly outside. unfortunately the color issue always comes up. we've been abused and refused ever since the missionaries stepped on our shores, and for about 500years things are still the same. but in the words of Marcus Garvey "repatriation is a must now" for Africans abroad.

we've had enough of these inhumane treatments. our resources are stolen and we get abused in addition. if this is all life is worth for us then in fact its not worth living. we've been made to feel so timid towards the light-skinned. this morning on my way to work a brisk walking lady, whom i presumed was a Chinese, shoved one of our ladies aside, unintentionally though. to my utmost surprise the ghanaian lady was the first to apologize sheepishly. when in fact she was shoved from behind by the Chinese girl.

well you can make your judgement on this...? But this is what fellow Africans will suffer in Malaysia when quite recently in South Africa our own kind unleashed their wrath on us in what has now become the infamous xenophobic attacks. so this is where i get confused when the colour card is played. can it be economic reasons or some other theory that has not yet been propounded? i find it so strange that for all this while these dastardly acts are been perpetrated against our kith and kin in Malaysia and elsewhere and yet for us we always trumpet the refrain that we should go the Malaysia way because both countries attained independence the same year.

Fellow 40 ghanaians were also murdered in Gambia with impunity. this whole thing is in fact a paradox and Africans must come home now just like Marcus said. may the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace.

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Alfred Robert Rowe Jnr. said...

I blame part of the problem on we as Ghanaians, I dont know what our educators and politicians are doing. Why do I talk about our educators? The point is this; Our people must be educated to be self conscious of themselves and to believe in ones self and ones country before anything on this planet. Most of our people go outside the boundaries of this country to pursue higher and quality education because we have made it a trend to constantly create a more conducive environment for overseas trained citizens than the locally trained, why should it be so? why? So it means right from the top there is no confidence in our locals. We must be educated to see things differently. We must believe and trust in our own country so we have some pride left. When I watch CNN and BBC, all I see them talk about when it comes to Africa is war, hunger & aids. They consistently talk about aid for Africa, feeding the African population, why? Because our bald head politicians can't make good decisions, they consistently beg for aid whiles our natural resource are looted away with a promise to help the African economy. Maybe if we took a closer look at the history of the chinese we might learn something.