Monday, June 7, 2010

Revision of the voters register: June 11th -20th

The Electoral Commission of Ghana will reopen the voters register from June 11th-20th to allow Ghanaians who turned 18yrs after the 2008 December polls an opportunity to register to vote.

The revision will help to scrap out the names of dead persons from the register and also add the names of other Ghanaians who did not register during the previous registration exercise. Therefore newly registered voters can vote during the December 7, 2012 polls.

People are expected to visit their local polling stations within their area of residence to go through the process within the 20-day period. Currently, there are about 21,004 polling stations in different locations across the country. There is a principle by the EC which states that

‘where you register is where you vote.’

A person is qualified to register if;

He is a Ghanaian,

Is 18yrs of age or above,

He or she is of sound mind,

Is resident or ordinarily resident in the electoral area where he /she want to register

He/she is not be prohibited by any law in force from registering as a voter.

Every citizen of Ghana of sound mind has the right to vote and entitled to be registered as a voter for the purpose of public elections and referenda.

Registration offences

Registering more than once, either at the same place or at different places (multiple registration)

Registering in the name of some other person, alive, dead or fictitious (impersonation)

Unlawful possession of registration materials.

Lying about one’s nationality or age.

Printing any form related to the registration of voters without authority from the commission.

Interfering with or disrupting the registration process or the work of a registration official.

Forging or willfully destroying any official notice or document concerning the registration of voters


Anyone found guilty of any of the above mentioned offences is liable on conviction by a court, to a fine not exceeding one Hundred Ghana cedis, (GH¢100.00) or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two (2) year or both.

In addition, the offenders could be barred from registering as a voter for five (5) years, starting imprisonment from the date of the expiration of the term of imprisonment.

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