Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sizzla recognizes Ghana's teachers and advises youth at live concert

Accra-friday 5th March, Independence Eve
Approaching the Ohene Djan Stadium (formerly Accra Sports Stadium) one could hear chants of rastafari songs and slogans; (sic)"fyah burn", "more fyah", "Give thanks to Sizzla". And neither can you walk a distance without noticing the sponteneuos waves of the lion of judah flag by Rastas clad in their famous red,yellow and green apparels of diverse designs. If you were attending the Sizzla Concert, you've indeed made it to right venue.

Born Miguel Orlando Collins, Sizzla Kalonji(warrior) is a Bobo Ashanti rastafari widely known for his contemporary form of reggae and hard hitting lyrics against homosexuals.

This is Sizzla's first time in Ghana after visiting Zimbabwe a couple of days for a show before arriving in Accra. Many local fans turned out on independence eve to see Sizzla perform. They were not disapointed at all through out the entire performance. Sizzla himself was never let down as the fans sung along to his jamaican-accented lyrics with fervour.

A number of local and professional talents preceded the main act of the night; from the upcoming and gifted Stonebwoy(junior Grade), to the internationally recognised Black Prophet . Kalonji appeared wearing a 3piece tunic khaki suit with his dreadlocked hair tightly fitted in a black turban.
Amidst his all spirited and reverberating showing, Sizzla took time to share nuggets of his wisdom and in an advise to the teeming youth crowd,

"...we as black people, we an educated and genius people,...have respected for yourself, have respect for your brothers and your sisters and help to make Ghana and Africa a beautiful country...have respect to your parents"

He also gave recognition to Kwame Nkrumah;the founder of Ghana, to the teachers and senior citizens,

"...maximum respect to the senior citizens in Ghana, all the students, big respect to all the teachers, without the teachers you' re done."..." his excellency Kwame Nkrumah was fighting for the right purpose to free an independent country out of slavery...no more slavery..burn slavery.
Sizzla's concert in Ghana was by courtesy of Lalibella Music Production Limited and Aduana Entertainment Promotions.

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