Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jahcoustix-German-born reggae musician live in Accra

As the reggae lover that I am, I wouldn’t miss any reggae show in Accra especially when it’s an international artiste visiting Ghana to perform live. Tuesday I was present at the Alliance Francais to unwind to the reggae music of Jahcoustix.

Jahcoustix started it all in East Africa in Nairobi-Kenya in 1992 where he found the music that would give his life a clear musical direction, reggae.
In Kenya, he spent his free time wandering through the downtown streets of Nairobi, where he would get his first contacts to Rastafarians and to reggae music.

With his accompanying band, he’s done about 500 live concerts around the world.
Just like most reggae artistes Jahcoustix sings about societal challenges and love. His music was well received by all who made it to the free live show at the open air theatre within the Alliance Francais premises. Most of the attendants being expatriates working in Ghana, tourists and students.

Performing “invitation”, which I suppose was the hit track of the night, the audience invited themselves onto the dance floor to boogie.
Before Ghana, the band has already been to Dakar (Senegal), Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and will be in Lagos as I publish this post.

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