Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From Kobolor comes RED CARD to Ms Naa

Wednesday, the sensational and uniquely witty pidgin rapper, Wanlov the Kobolor gave hints to Yfm's Ryse N Shyne morning show hostess, Ms Naa, of his soon to be released RED CARD album after the success of his debut GREEN CARD with the instant "Kokonsa" hit. Kobolor was in the company of companion Mensa, the talented hiplife/hiphop lyricist based in the UK, currently in Ghana working on a movie project titled 'Coz Ov Moni' starring Kobolor and being directed by Panji Anoff, CEO of Pidgen Music.

The duo who call themselves F.O.K.N Bois were in the studios of the Asylum Down-based radio station together with GH's spoken word performer,Mutombo, who calls himself "the unofficial member" of the group. The Wednesday edition of the Ryse N Shyne show was an exciting and a fun-filled one as the threesome shared wild rib-cracking stories and experiences in an informal chat with the African-American presenter. Oftened she burst out with laughter the whole period, in what seemed to have been an extended version of the show an extra 15minutes after sign off time.

On the spur of the monent, Wanlov mentioned "red card", totally clueless about what it meant,Ms Naa also known as Naa Adjorkor inquired,"what is that? what is it? what's red card?" she asked Kobolor with alacrity, knowing the self styled Afro-beat rapper's capability to coin witty terminologies. According to Kobolor, "red card is an album i'm working on to release soon, one of the four albums i'll be releasing before the end of the year", he said. He also hinted that 'red card' was going to follow in the same direction in terms of rhythm and style like the 'green card',a 20 track record co-produced by Mensa, Kweku Ananse, Seven & Bosco. It deals with visa issues and the musings of an immigrant in America. The red card,Kobolor says," is in connection with the red card in football".

Humbly in his closing acknowlegement, Kobolor revealed, how he owed thanks and gratitude to Eddy Blay Jr. of the defunct rap group, Native Funk Lords(NFL) and current co-host of Overdrive on Yfm, for inspiring his pidgin style of rap music. Mutombo the Poet, who has also been spending studio time recording his debut album of spoken word gave no hints on the date of release. He has been billed together with host Mensa, who he says is his "bestest friend",to perform at a literary night of words labeled Expressions at SMOOTHY's in Osu on Friday 21st August.

Kobolor and Mensa (F.O.K.N Bois) are also set to perform live at Alliance Francaise on Saturday August 22, a show dubbed "AFROBITTEN" which will also feature WUNMI, AYETORO & ATONGO ZIMBA.

Ryse N Shyne airs monday-friday between 6am-10am on Yfm 101.7mhz hosted by Ms Naa,the only female host of a morning show in Ghana at the moment,and CEO of the Afrocenchic clothing line and handmade crafts. Ryse N Shyne is ably produced by "producer extra-ordinaire",Erama, popularly known as E-Boogie.

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