Thursday, July 30, 2009


As part of efforts to revive the now lacklustre CONVENTION PEOPLES PARTY(CPP),the left-winged party of the first President of Ghana, DR. KWAME NKRUMAH which led Ghana to independence in 1957 on the 6th of March. Some stalwarts of the party has come together to issue out a document they call the NKRUMAIST DECLARATION. Below is the full text.


Ghana is once more at the crossroads and the options are clear. We can take the path to the entrenchment of our neo-colonial status where illiteracy, poverty and underdevelopment flourish or opt for the Nkrumaist path which leads to the building of an egalitarian society in which misery, inequality and poverty will be banished.

Today, more than 53 years after the victory of the forces of nationalism and socialism over harsh British colonial rule, the masses of Ghana continue to suffer unemployment, lack of access to health, education and housing. They are unable to feed and clothe themselves adequately. The old colonial predators now masquerading as the international community and respectable businesses have turned our people into nothing more than drawers of water and hewers of wood.

The dream of the Osagyefo at independence that the people of Ghana would be the ultimate beneficiaries of the exploitation of their natural resources has not been realized yet. The forest resources, gold, diamond, manganese, rivers and human power of Ghana continue to be exploited largely for the benefit of the ruling elite and their surrogates in the Metropolitan countries.

Over the last 30 years the national currency has been devalued by more than 30,000 percent, industries established by the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) have been auctioned off to friends and relatives of the powerful, the peoples’ access to health and education has been substantially reduced, subsidies have been withdrawn from social services and the liberalization of internal and external trade has had dire consequences on local production.

As avowed Nkrumaists we cannot give up hope because we know that our prescription for national economic rejuvenation, raising of political conscieness and full social integration is efficacious. It is possible to build a new Ghana based on the solid foundations of social justice and democracy with the correct application of Nkrumaist principles. We can and must make Ghana a prosperous modern nation leading in the struggle for the full integration of African states into a continental union government.

We note however that the current state of the Convention peoples Party (CPP) does not engender hope amongst the working people and the progressive forces. The CPP has become rusty. It has lost its internal cohesion and can no longer be seen as the vanguard of underprivileged people struggling for an equitable share of the national cake and against the blatant violations of their rights.

The rebirth of the CPP must necessarily involve a deep commitment to the principles of Nkrumaism, the re-affirmation of the politics of inclusion (unity) and the construction and strengthening of party structures at all levels of organization.

We call on all Nkrumaists wherever they may be to rally around the call for the rebirth of the party. This task can only be achieved with a leadership that is truly imbued with a clear understanding of Nkrumaism and is willing and able to make the needed sacrifices. The Trojan horses must not be given space in our midst, lest they spring surprises and destroy our organization from within. If indeed we are all Nkrumaists, then there should be no difficulty in working together to liberate our people from the clutches of poverty and underdevelopment.

The time to build the new CPP is now. We cannot afford to delay any longer. The masses are hungry and the state is decaying. We can and must struggle to end the neo-colonial destruction.

1.Comrade K. Sintim Aboagye
2.Professor Francis Nkrumah
3.Comrade Kofi Amponsah
4.Professor K. Ayisi
5.Comrade Kwame Wiafe
6.Madam Lucy Enin
7.Dr. Gamal Nasser Adam
8.Comrade A. Owusu Gyimah
9.Comrade Kwesi Pratt, Jnr.
10.Comrade A. A. Adongo
11.Comrade Michael Nunoo
12.Dr. S. O. Asante

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