Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cash Crisis hit Taylor trial!

This is just a new twist to the Charles Taylor story i published on sunday after his Lawyer met journalists in Accra concerning the former president's trial and status at The Hague.

I never expected to find this, but somehow i have, it confirms the fact that the credit crunch is so close to everyone. If anyone thinks he's absolved from the current global crisis, then he better think again because it's very close than one may even suggest. Especially, after GBS(Gateway Broadcasting Service) filed for bankruptcy in the United Kingdom only to take a major toll on the numerous subscribers in Ghana. Now the only thing the subscribers have is "function-less satellite dishs" attached to their roofs. 

I'm a regular reader of the Graphic Business, being a business student,  its a weekly must read for me. On page 8 of todays issue(17th March,2009), i found this headline "Cash crisis hit Taylor trial".

I've therefore decided to cull a section of the publication.

The prosecutor at the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL), Stephen Rapp told Reuters that lack of court funds due to the global economic downturn may require the release of former Liberian President Charles Taylor.

The SCSL's budget comes entirely from individual donations and it expects a shortfall of almostUS$5million. without sufficient funding, the judges in the case may be forced to release Taylor from custody.

should he be set free, the indictments would stand,leaving open the possibility for further legal action

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